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原句:Then this catfish about the size of a house comes along. 完全倒装,谓语放在主语之前,同时有谓语介词的还要倒装介词 于是把comes放到主语this catfish之前,同时还要倒装介词along,放在comes之前,最终变为Then along comes this ca...

but she liked the bus ride best,then we took a boat trip along the river 但她最喜欢乘公共汽车,然后我们乘船沿着这条河旅行 双语例句 1 And then I would do that thing which he liked best to do. 然后,我就让他干他所最喜欢的那桩事...

《Hero》英雄 演唱:MariahCarey There's a hero If you look inside your heart 如果你找寻你的内心你会发现一个英雄 You don't have to be afraid...

then you come along 然后你来了

然后出现了一部公交车。 这是一句倒装句,原来的词组come along意为“出现”

then you come along 然后你来了

Then(时间副词做状语 ) we(主语) took(谓动) a boat trip(宾语) along the river(介宾短语做状语)

then go ahead and move along 然后继续前进


then the strong wind can move the stones along the flat ground 然后强风可以把石头沿着平地移动。 重点词汇 then然后; 那么; 那时; 话说回来; 当时的; 那时的 strong wind大风,强风,疾风; 飔 move移动,搬动; 行动; 搬家; 进展; 开动; 提...

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