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一、put sb to death的意思是:把某人处死 二、例句: 1.Mary, Queen of Scots, was put to death in1587. 苏格兰王后玛丽于1587年被处死。 2.The criminals were put to death. 这些罪犯被处死。 三、Put相关词组: put away 把……收拾干净 put ...

put sb out 使某人失去知觉;给某人添麻烦 例句 1. put sb out to `grass (infml) force sb to retire, esp because of old age 迫使某人退休(尤指因年老)。 2. put sb. out of heart 对…全力以赴,一心一意。


put sb on the spot 为难某人 双语例句 1. I think you have put him on the spot. 我认为你使他陷入了困境。 2. Our question certainly put him on the spot. 我们这一问可把他将住了。

put sb on 可以表示欺骗sb


put sb./sth. through to sb为某人接通电话 To put sb. through to把某人转到...(打电话用语) 比如:你打给转接台,你说Please put me through to 114.请帮我转接到114. 明白? 不懂追问~

put sb through 使某人经受(考验、训练、经历); 1.The cadre can promote put sb in a position, must close through recommending this democratically. 干部能不能提拔重用, 必须经过民主推荐这一关. 2.Through investigation, without basi...

暂时把(某人)打发掉;用托词等把(某人、要求)搪塞过去 get rid of (sb.) for the time being; evade (sb. a demand, etc.) with excuses, etc. · She went to him for help, but he put her off with vague promises. 她到他那里去要求给予...

put sb at a disadvantage 使某人处于不利地位 The woman workers are put at a disadvantage in the labor market because of their relatively lower standard of human capital investment, which can mainly be explained by the traditiona...

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