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. Japanese adj. 晩云繁議使孑鏥 n. 晩云繁使孑 . 及匯扮寂葎低盾基彰萩寡追 泌斤云籾珊嗤夘諒辛弖諒Good luck!

[ti:Japanese Ninja No.1] [ar:儔咄ルカ] [al:nicovideo sm6026956] [by:CHHKKE] [00:03.34] [00:07.32]Japanese Ninja No.1! [00:09.65]埴のために般ぶわ/厘氏葎阻艇咨豢圧侃議 [00:12.38] [00:13.08]Japanese Ninja No.1 [00:15.82]恬簡坤妊...

Japanese[哂][ˌdʒæpə'ni:z][胆][ˌdʒæpəˈniz, -ˈnis] n.晩云繁晩云忽酎; 晩囂; adj.晩云議晩云繁議; 晩囂議;

does ----- is AWhat ‐ is /you Japannese teacher like B:She is very nice 拭隻壮哂妖錦葎艇盾基音峡弖諒

1.There are also many differences between Chinese food and Japanese food. 2. Harmonic is the most important factor in Chinese dishes. When it comes to Japannese dishes, it will be replaced by fresh. 3. Chinese people attach imp...

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