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你是说下面的部分同音吗?这些词貌似没有完全同音的词呀。 th- this there these therefore those thus then th- think thin thank thankful thick thief thing ou- sound bound loud blouse shout out ow- below low bowl row tow hollow oy- b...


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The story is like this: When Aladdin was a boy, he just want to play...In a nice and tranquil village, there lived a handsome and smart cock. ...

2. A Good BoyLittle Robert asked his mother for two cents. "What did ...4. One morning a fox saw a cock.He thought,"This is my breakfast.''...

你比较邪恶,幸好你用英文,否则你亮了。 哪个厉害?其实是互惠互利的一件事,是相互吸引的,不是相互争斗,所以,没有可比性。 它们打架,都是性福的吧。哈哈。

Your cock你的屌Your cock你的屌Your cock你的屌Your laughter你的笑声Your scream你的尖叫Your curse你的诅咒Your walk你的步子Your move你的移动Your needs你的...

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