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Today, we want to tell you about a hero --- Che Guevara in Cuba. We all know him. The liberation of Cuba, its great to do with. Let us work together, he approached. Drama: Bing: stop stop! ! We重刑犯custody. You leave here. Cut...

Hello.You won't believe that I used to be one of your students but now I am a superman.I am sorry to tell you that I can't take part in the final exam because I have something to do,which is of great importance to human being.N...

superman 希望采纳

Superman becomes the symbol of super power.

"Hello, I very much like the Superman Batman vs the movie. I was especially fond of the painting in the movie, but I in the online couldn't find. Would like to ask you have the picture of the original?"

楼主翻译的很好,不过记忆里流失的,应该是发生在主句“想起”之前, 所以改为have you thought of something(that had) lost in your memory ? 我的翻译: Have you recalled something that had melt away from your momory? 动词短语melt awa...

1.这是一个性别盲的社会 2.当我掏出20元的票据时我考虑他说的话 3.这个年龄的“女超人”想成为世界上最好的母亲、妻子、老板,是死的。 4.澳大利亚人不愿意有更多的孩子令人感到惊奇吗? 5.网站的费用只要£4.99一个月。 1. I will work hard,to pur...

superman 英[ˈsu:pəmæn] 美[ˈsu:pərmæn] n. 具有超常能力的人,超人; [例句]Collor nurtured the idea that he was a superman, who single-handedly could resolve Brazil's crisis. 科洛尔一直希望自己有超凡能...

做自己的超人 Do your own superman

sandi thom - superman

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